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The purpose for these podcasts is to introduce our listening audience to people who have overcome obstacles or challenges in their life and then gone on to empower other with their story.
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Aug 10, 2015

Being raised by a mother with an addiction, Star Staubach spent most of her life trying to get the approval of her mother until one day, she finally realized, “you can’t compete with an addiction!”

Star’s search for “self” included a surprise relationship with another woman, and a move from the United States to Australia and then right back home to where she started.


Star admits to being a “chronic DOER” and is working to overcome this.  Star shares her theory of why there is an epidemic of women who are unable or challenged with receiving and how woman can start receiving to have their wants, needs and desires fulfilled in their lives!

Aug 3, 2015

From failed suicide attempt to Intelligence Analyst to Skin Care Expert.

Katrina Schenfield, of Katixon Skin Care Products, shares her story about teenage skin care challenges that brought about a sense of low self-esteem that was so low, she thought her only choice was suicide.  Thankfully, that suicide attempt failed and today Katrina’s mission is to help women be as beautiful as possible while being as healthy as possible.

Listen as Katrina shares organic skin care tips, why over the counter remedies can harm more than help, how to stay motivated and why “giving up” is not an option.

FREE OFFER at the end of the interview!!!! 

Jul 27, 2015

Lorra Brown was a CFO of a major company but she was depressed, trying to deal with depression through Retail Therapy and drowning in credit card debt.

Listen to Lorra as she shares how she got out of debt and went on to start her own company LBE Consulting to teach women entrepreneurs how to turn their financial challenges into financial wins!


Lorra will tell you where to find your credit reports, what to do with them once you have them, where you can cut costs in your life or business and discusses how she helps women building an MLM business just where the money is and how to plan for your business.

Jul 20, 2015

What do you do when you are hit with, not one but TWO, events in your life that you feel you will never survive?  This is exactly what happened to today’s guest, Lori Lober.

Join us while Lori shares her story, and helps us understand why every single day is a gift and how these two events in Lori’s life have given her the courage to work tirelessly with cancer patients and parents who have lost children. 


Lori is truly inspiring, motivation and empowering women on a daily basis to “Be Happy”, “Be Healthy” and to “Love & Be Loved!”

Jul 13, 2015

What do you do when you have been downsized from your job, lost everything you have worked for and are tired of hearing your girlfriends say, “There are no good men out there to date!”?

If you are Suzanne Casamento, you create Fantasy Dating Game.  Fantasy Dating Game dares men and women to step outside of their comfort zone, change the story in their head about dating and find out just how fun dating can be!



Jul 6, 2015

Slavica Bogdanov knows what it is like to feel that you have hit rock bottom and wants people to know that there is no shame in falling or failing.  Slavica shares her story of depression, feelings of hopelessness and feeling that her only option was to stop living.

Slavica will share why the cost of having money at any cost is too expensive when you have all of the material possessions and wealth but you are dying inside.  I am so honored to share Slavica’s story with you about how she went from despair, bankruptcy and living in silent desperation to living a life of ATTRACTitude!


Today, Slavica is so happy and motivated about life that she has devoted all of her energy to show others how they can live happy lives, and attract all the wealth they want by reprogramming your brain to end the negative thoughts and replace them with something she calls ATTRACTitude!

Jul 5, 2015

As an adult, it’s impossible not to look back on our childhood without memories that evoke certain emotions.  Some emotions evoke positive memories and then there are memories that some people would like to forget. As adults if we’re having challenges in our life, do we have the right to hold our parents responsible for how we turned out? How much of who we are as adults can be blamed on the way we were parented?

Jun 29, 2015

It used to be called a Midlife Crisis.

Katherine Hosie is educating people on the opportunities for “midlife transition” and why it is so important to our relationships.

In this interview, we discuss the men in our life who are dealing with “midlife-transition” and the role women play in this process.

Find out what happy people do differently than people who are unhappy and the shifts you can create to regain your happy relationship.  When men and women learn how to take full responsibility for their own happiness, it is possible to regain those lost feelings of love and excitement.

You will learn the 4 ways we avoid taking responsibility for our relationships, the false roles we assume in our relationships and look at what you are trying to get from somebody that you need to get for yourself.

Jun 22, 2015

WEIGHT!  Just the word seems to weigh heavy on the minds of many women.  Join me with my special guest Emily Petroff as we talk about WHY women struggle with their weight and why there is more to having the healthy body you want besides a number on your scale.

In this interview, Emily and Nancy discuss why women feel guilty about self-care, why we compare ourselves to other women, and the self-induced stress that can cause our unhealthy lifestyle.


If you would like an “outside of the box” way of thinking about how to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle, this could be the information you have been waiting for!

Jun 15, 2015

What do you do, after 14 years in a perfect marriage, when you discover that your husband has been having an affair and has had a child with "the other woman?"

This insightful interview with Erica Gordon will explain "why" her first instinct was to stay in the marriage, what came after and how she created Moms With Dreams UNIVERSITY

Jun 10, 2015

Have you ever felt hopeless about your health, your finances, your career, your relationships or just life in general?

This Empower Hour 4 Women is hosted by Nancy Mueller and is the first in a series of audios that will show you HOW there is always a way around your situation.

Never think that because you lack the education, the money or the knowledge, that you can't do it or it is time to give up.  This audio share the first steps to help you understand the story you tell yourself about why you can't have what you want.  Once you know your story, you will begin to understand your choices about what got you where you are and what you need to change to get you where you want to be!

Jun 8, 2015

Following a life changing event when he was thirty-three years old, John was inspired to sit down and tell the story of The Why Café. He had no previous experience or academic training as a writer.

Within a year after its release, word of mouth support from readers had spread the book across the globe—inspiring people on every continent, including Antarctica. It went on to become a #1 Bestseller, and has now been translated into twenty-one languages. John has since written other books, including Life Safari and The Big Five for Life.  

Through his writings and appearances on television and radio, John’s messages have inspired millions of people to live life on their terms. He has been honored alongside Oprah Winfrey, Wayne Dyer, and Deepak Chopra as one of the one hundred most inspirational thought leaders in the field of leadership and personal development.

All of this continues to humble and amaze him.  
When he is not writing or speaking, he is out seeing the world. His longest trip was an almost year long adventure in which he and his wife backpacked around the globe. 

Jun 1, 2015

Have you ever wondered why the very thing you are trying to manifest into your life doesn't seem to happen?  In her book titled REMEMBER Everything Is Possible, Michelle M. Wright explains why you may not be getting what you are asking for.

Since the age of 5, Michelle knew that she was a natural born Medium and has spent her life guiding both the living and those that have left this world.  Join us for this compelling interview as Michelle teaches us The Golden Box Meditation and how you can manifest anything you desire into your life. 

May 19, 2015

As a child, Melissa Gilleece could not see her future or why she should go on living because the person she saw in the mirror did not reflect the person she felt from inside.  The question she continued to ask herself most was, "If I am simply someone who is going to be continually tossed aside by society, how can I possibly have a future?"

Melissa started her career on the East Coast as a well known radio personality, she is a member of the Screen Actor's Guild in Hollywood, has done numerous IMPROV events with celebrities (including Billy Crystal), is a Hypnotherapist with her own private practice and is currently working on her PhD in Clinical Psychology.  

Join us to hear Melissa's story about how she transitioned into the woman she is today. 

May 19, 2015

Michelle Steadman is the definition of "NEVER GIVE UP!" A born entrepreneur, Michelle shares her story from Pilates instructor to entrepreneurial success.  Just as her success was realized, Michelle faced the biggest health challenge of her life.

Like many women, Michelle ignored the signs her body was sending to her because she needed to do "just one more thing" before she took care of herself.

Listen as Michelle shares her story of how her entire family worked together to create health within their own lives and the lives of thousands of others.

After hearing Michelle's story, you will understand why Michelle is fond of saying, "I Love My Life!!!"

May 19, 2015

From salt water crocodiles to Discovery's "Naked and Afraid, to Dengue Fever and everything in between, Manu Toigo will astound you with her story of how she overcame the hardships of her childhood, surviving Dengue Fever and why she is an inspiration to women everywhere.  

Listen as Manu shares survival tips that work just as well in society as they do in the jungles of Panama! 

May 12, 2015

Host Nancy Mueller talks about the Choices 4 Women podcasts and what you can expect from each show!

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